Setup double opt-ins

Vero no longer has built-in support for double opt-ins. In line with our Terms of Service, we require everyone to collect explicit permission from their customers before emailing them, and to comply with all relevant laws.

Below we’ve documented how to use our deprecated double opt-in functionality.

When enabled, our double opt-in functionality allows you to automatically email a customer when they fire their first behavioral email.

To configure your double opt-in email, first create a behavioral campaign. Create this behavioral campaign as you normally would, triggered by the relevant event (e.g. Signed up) and with any of the specific conditions you need.

To force Vero to automatically email an opt in email to the customer, with a confirmation link, add the condition has opted in to the campaign.

This tells Vero that before sending this automated campaign it first needs to send an email confirming that the customer has confirmed their subscription.

Here’s the resulting workflow:

  • Customer triggers an event, such as Signed up, triggering the behavioral campaign.
  • Vero checks the conditions on your automated campaign and sees that the customer must fulfil the condition has opted in before sending the automated email.
  • Vero emails the customer the opt in email you’ve written.
  • If the customer clicks the confirmation link and opts in, Vero automatically sends the behavioral campaign.
  • If the customer does not confirm their opt in, Vero does nothing.

Editing the opt in email

You can easily edit your opt in via Settings > Opt In menu.

Vero double opt in

When editing your opt in campaign, you must include the dynamic variable `` so that Vero actually inserts the confirmation URL.

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