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Lock in your email volume and save

For most Vero customers, email forms a critical and ongoing part of their customer experience.

Many customers have a good idea of how their email usage will look six, 12 or even 24 months from now.

In 2017 we’re introducing cost savings for customers who lock in their email volume ahead of time. By committing to a specific email and subscriber volume for a fixed period, you will help us better plan our resources. This in turn will mean we can provide you with a better experience – both technically and in terms of support.

In return for this, you will get a solid saving.

Our lock in savings

We are introducing three tiers of savings, depending on the length of time you elect to lock in your plan.

Here’s a summary of the savings you can receive:

Lock in period Discount
6 months (paid up front) 10%
12 months (paid up front) 15%
24 monthly (paid up front) 20%

Payments can be made via card or via invoice (for customers on our $549/month plan and above).

To lock in your pricing, please email us at We will confirm the plan and details and upgrade your account with your permission.

What happens if I go over the volume I’ve locked in?

If you exceed the usage you have locked in and move to a higher tier (this could be because you exceed either the email or subscriber limits on your plan), we will email you to let you know that you have exceeded the limits of the plan you reserved. In this instance we will charge you the difference between the new plan and the plan you had already paid for, doing so on a monthly basis by default.

Imagine you lock in our Growth plan, at $549/month, for 12 months. In this scenario you’d pay $5,600 up front ($6,588 less a 15% discount). Imagine that, six months later, you increase your usage and move up to the $749/month plan. In this scenario we will begin billing you the difference between the $749/month and $549/month plans, on a monthly basis.

Note: excess usage is paid monthly, unless otherwise agreed. If you don’t want to pay monthly you can of course elect to lock in the pricing on your new plan, simply by prepaying the difference. In this scenario you will receive the same discount you did when you first locked in your pricing.

Do you provide refunds if I lock in my email volume?

Locking in your volume is designed for those customers that have a well understood idea of their email needs and want to lock in a price, and discount, ahead of time.

Customers should only lock in their email volume if they have used Vero for some time and do not experience large or regular fluctations in a typical month. This is generally a good indicator your email volume is fairly stable.

Locking in your plan is a non-refundable commitment to that volume for the reserved period. We do not provide refunds on prepayments.

If you are new to Vero or have not yet established an understanding of your usage patterns, we recommend you use our standard plans and pay Vero on a month-to-month until you’re comfortable that locking in your pricing is the right decision for you.

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