Welcome to the Vero Help Docs styleguide. Please refer to this guide when creating or editing help docs. Included are all the patterns and styles you will need to create awesome and super helpful help documentation.

Article Title

Article should have a single title using #

Section Heading

Section headings break up the content into larger chunks using ##

Section Sub Heading

Each section can have smaller headings using ###

Small Headings

Sometimes you need smaller headings for little sections or details, use ####

Article Notes

Underneath an article title, if there are notes that relate to the whole article, use italic text by enclosing the text with a single *.


This article applies to users of Vero’s Javascript library only


Unordered List

  • Item
  • Item - If your list item needs more details use a bold title before the content.
  • Item

Ordered List

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 3 - If your list item needs more details use a bold title before the content.
  3. Item 3

Talking about the UI

When talking about the Vero app, you may want to refer to elements, sections or pages. Try to use the following styles.


When mentioning a section of the app, use Italics or a link to the section.

For Example:

Navigate to the Templates section of Vero. or Navigate to the Templates section of Vero.


When mentioning a button or link in the app, use Bold.

For example:

Press the Save button.


Images make the help docs better but we should be mindful of the type of images we use. Try to show the most relevant part of the page with screenshots, try not to include content that does not relate to the help doc. It may be that you only need to show an image of a single button or of a small section of the page.

Inline Images

For images of buttons, icons or small elements, use the inline image snippet. For example.

Click the Remove button.


When showing inline code snippets, variables, links or properties, use the code tag. For example.

Set the condition is_paying_customer.

When talking about multiple lines of code use the pre code tags. For Example:

	<body>Is super awesome!</body>

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