Changing the email or ID of a customer using 'alias'

This only applies to customers using Vero's own Javascript API Library or's Analytics.js Javascript library.

Sometimes you will track and cookie a customer using a random identifier, or their email address, and later you will want to update this value with a unique identifier (ID) from your own database or system.


For example, if you had called the identify method and tracked a customer with the email as a subscriber on your blog but, after they signed up for your free trial, wanted to identify them with your database identifier of 1285, you can use Vero's re-identify method to update the customer's profile.

To learn about the re-identify (or alias) method in detail, refer to our API Reference Documentation.

An example of the re-identify method is below:

    _veroq.push(['reidentify', '1285']);

Segments alias

Segment's alias method works in the same way. Vero is the only email marketing platform that works with Segment and provides an alias method, giving you a lot of power and flexibility over how your customers are tracked.


  • Chris Hexton
    CEO and Co-Founder