Determine why a triggered email was or was not sent

In Vero, behavioral and transactional emails are triggered by an event. Events are customer actions, tracked using Vero's API. Learn more about events.


As you can see in the above example, triggered emails can be sent immediately or with a delay.

It is important to note that the conditions of a campaign are always evaluated just before an email is sent.

Why a campaign was or was not sent

The Logs menu in Vero is a complete, real time history of ever customer that is identified, every action a customer triggers and ever campaign a customer receives.

As all transactional and behavioral emails are triggered by an event, Vero records whether a campaign was or was not sent as part of the logs for the trigger event. To view the emails triggered by an event, select View logs on the campaign page.


Every email that was triggered by the customer triggering a specific event is recorded in the trigger log and its status (sent or discarded).


If marked as discarded, Vero will also detail why that particular email was discarded.


  • Chris Hexton
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