How to clean your list with a Sunset Clause

Vero always recommends that you clean your customer list often. If you don't already use an external tool to do this a good option is to build a Sunset Clause.

A Sunset Clause is helpful for:

  1. Removing spammy or invalid email addresses.
  2. Helping you send only to your engaged users.
  3. Cleaning your list to improve your deliverability reputation.

You can build a Sunset Clause by using the following conditions when creating a segment:

  • Has received any email in the last xx days (we recommend at least 60 days).
  • Has not opened any email in the last xx days.
  • Has not triggered identified in the last xx days (we recommend around 2-3 days to avoid removing brand new customers).

Once you've built your Sunset Clause you'll have two options:

  • Use the "delete customers" feature in Segments to completely remove these customers from Vero.
  • Exclude this segment on your campaigns with "is not in segment xx."


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager