Organising and tagging email campaigns

Vero's Campaigns menu allows you to manage the campaigns you are sending to your customers.

Campaign types

Vero's email campaigns are grouped into three primary groups:


These are emails that must be sent to your customers each time they take an action. For example, receipts, notifications and password reset emails. These emails ignore unsubscribe notifications.


These are marketing emails triggered by user activity or inactivity.


These are one-off emails sent at a scheduled time to a segment, or number of segments, of your customers.

You can quickly filter between campaign types using the tabs at the top of the campaigns page:


Organising campaigns with tags

You can group campaigns together using tags. A tag is essentially a category and each campaign can have multiple tags.

If you had a group of campaigns helping customers with your product onboarding, you might add a tag called 'onboarding' to each of these campaigns, as follows:


You can then filter to only see these campaigns using the filter menu:


Filtering your campaigns

Aside from tags there are a number of other filters available to help you find campaigns you need access quickly.


This allows you to quickly and dynamically search for a campaign by name. The search is fast, so you can quickly try and remember that pesky campaign name!


This allows you to filter campaigns via their current status: whether they are in draft mode, are launched and live or are paused.


This allows you to filter the numbers you see for the campaigns on screen. You can view the open, click, and conversion rates for a specific time period. If you leave these unset, we show you the entire history of a campaign, by default.

These filters help you manage and navigate your campaigns quickly and easily.


  • Chris Hexton
    CEO and Co-Founder