Designing your message

Designing clear, good looking messages is a core part of any effective newsletter. Vero Connect gives you the tools to visually design and manage message content.

Adding content: email messages

Choose your from address

You can add in multiple email addresses to use when designing email messages.

You can find more detailed steps on how to add a FROM email address.

Add a subject and preview text

Give your message a subject in the next panel, and select the 'Preheader' checkbox to define the line of text that appears underneath the subject in the inbox of most modern email clients.

Design your email body

Drag and Drop

Our drag-and-drop content editor is a comprehensive, simple and accessible tool that anyone can use to create great-looking, custom email templates. Simply drag and drop content blocks onto a blank canvas or start with one of our example templates.

You can read an in-depth guide on using our Drag-and-Drop editor here.


Vero Connect fully supports using raw HTML to define the content of an email. This enables you to bring your own, fully customized templates into Vero, with full support for media queries and responsive HTML templates.

You can read an in-depth guide on using our HTML editor here.

Personalising content using Liquid

Vero supports most default Liquid functions, as well as a number of additional functions for convenience.

Learn how to personalise content using Liquid.

Read our Liquid personalization guide for a list of available functions.

Previewing your message

You can preview your message by:

  • Selecting the Newsletter you wish to send.
  • Selecting the Action menu at the top right.
  • Choosing Preview via email.
  • Entering your email and selecting Send.

At this time you can only send a preview to one email address at a time.

Note that all new Vero Connect accounts are reviewed and manually verified. This happens quickly but if, for some reason, you account is not fully verified, you are only able to send preview messages to the email address of your user account. That is to say, if you signed up as, you could only send previews to until verified.


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager