What is Vero Workflows and how to sign in

If you signed up to Vero before 7 July 2021 you will be familiar with Vero as a single product that enables you to send both newsletters and create workflows.

On 7 July 2021, Vero released Newsletters: a brand new product built from the ground up that enables you to connect to CRM data sources you already have and send one-off newsletters using this data rather than permanently "syncing" data to Vero's platform.

This article clarifies the changes that come with this release and what to expect in the future.

Signing in to Vero Workflows

If you signed up to Vero prior to 7 July 2021, the product you know and are familiar with is now known as "Vero Workflows".

You can log in to Vero Workflows by either:

The future

Over time we intend to migrate the "Newsletter" functionality from Vero Workflows into the new Vero Newsletters standalone product. As a result, Vero will offer two, clear-cut products that are best-in-class: one for sending Newsletters and one for creating Workflows. Each will have separate, low pricing.

Whilst we work toward this future you will still be able to send Newsletters using Vero Workflows just as you always have. We are committed to building and scaling Vero Workflows in its own right.

As we make changes we will email you with announcements and updates. You can also our Changelog and Roadmap.

Signing in to Vero Newsletters

With the release of Vero Newsletters there are now multiple products to sign in to.

If you already have a Vero user account you can sign in to both Vero Workflows and Vero Newsletters. The same password and 2FA configuration persists across both Vero Newsletters and Vero Classic. You should now think of your Vero username and password as a user account. You can update your user account in either product.

If you'd like to try Vero Newsletters you do not need to "sign up" for a separate Vero Newsletters account: you can simply login. Read more about signing in to Vero Newsletters with your Vero Workflows account.


  • Chris Hexton
    CEO and Co-Founder