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What is a transactional campaign?

Transactional campaigns are notifications that are are sent to customers when they trigger a specific event. These are usually emails such as password reset, receipts or customer-to-customer updates.

A transactional email is a type of triggered email that customers cannot unsubscribe from. For this reason, they should be used very carefully. Receipts, invoices and account statements are examples of transactional email. They are required, so customers cannot opt out.

Creating a transactional campaign is identical to a behavioral campaign, except for the way unsubscribes are handled by Vero.

A transactional email is not a marketing email. It is an email sent in relation to a specific action that affects your customer. It is an email they need to receive in order to conduct business with you.

Priority handling

Transactional emails are prioritised so they are guaranteed immediately delivery. Whilst all campaigns are sent as quickly as possible, there is built in redundancy to ensure customers get mission-critical transactional emails instantly.

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