How do email previews and live emails differ?

Campaign email previews offer an accurate glimpse of what a recipient will receive once the campaign is set live. However, there are a few small differences to keep in mind.


If you're using Vero's automated unsubscribe option in your campaign, if clicked on in a preview, this will not function the same as it would in a live email and will not unsubscribe the recipient of the preview if clicked.

Click tracking on links

In a preview email, Vero does not append vero_conv or vero_id params to links. This means two things:

  • Clicked links will not be tracked.
  • Upon a 'live' send Vero will append vero_conv or vero_id params to links and therefore differences in url length will be magnified.


When testing the size of your email campaign compared to a live email campaign, you'll want to take into account that with added vero_id and vero_conv params for your links, the more links you have, the larger the HTML weight of the campaign.

Note: Many email clients begin clipping campaigns more than 102kb of HTML content


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager