Integrate Vero and Snowplow

This integration is officially supported by Snowplow.

You can read their integration guide here.

Integrate Vero and Snowplow

Snowplow collects event data from multiple platforms, including web and mobile, and process it in real-time or batch configurations, at any scale. Snowplow then delivers your data to your data warehouse, so you can ask any question of your data and perform any analysis with your preferred analytics tool.

Vero’s integration with Snowplow allows you to capture and process all email and push message events generated by Vero (including, deliveries, opens, clicks and conversions) inside the Snowplow platform, alongside your data from other sources, such as Zendesk and Stripe.

Connecting Vero to Snowplow for data warehousing

  1. Sign in to Vero and select the Vero Project from which you want to send data to Snowplow.
  2. Click Settings at the bottom of the navigation menu.
  3. Go to the Integrations tab.
  4. Click View next to the Custom Integration (Webhooks) option.
  5. Select Add Webhooks Integration.
  6. In the Notification URL field, you will need to provide the URI to your Snowplow Collector. The URL format for the Snowplow Collector endpoint is:
    http://<collector host>/com.getvero/v1
  7. Save
  8. Once the webhook has been saved, you can select the individual events you want to track. Use the checkboxes to select events. We recommended selecting all events so that all events are tracked from the same point in time.

Vero Webhooks Overview vero.integrations.webhooks.detail

  1. Save and you’re ready to go! From now on, Vero will send all of the events it generates over to Snowplow.

Creating Vero events tables for Amazon Redshift

If you are running the Snowplow batch flow with Amazon Redshift, then you should deploy the relevant event tables into your Amazon Redshift.

You can find the table definitions here:

Make sure to deploy this table into the same schema as your events table.

And, that's it - with these tables deployed, your Vero events should automatically flow through into Redshift.

Note Vero data is sent to Snowplow in real-time. Snowplow isn’t able to load historical data from Vero.


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    CEO and Co-Founder