What is a newsletter campaign?

You might know a Newsletter by some other names. They've been called a one-off email, a blast email, an ad-hoc email or a promotional email. They are considered one-to-many emails, as you are emailing a number of people at once.

Newsletters are emails that are sent to a group of customers, sent right now or manually scheduled for a specific time in the future.

In Vero, Segments are used to target your email.


You could, for example, send a weekly email newsletter to everyone in the segment All leads and who are not in the segment All cancellled. These segments represent dynamic lists of customers and Vero keeps these segments up to date. This means that we calculate, in real time, who should receive your email just before it is sent.

You can use both and or or conditions to add as many segments as you want for targeting – allowing you to get extremely targeted with your emails.


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager