Syncing email statistics into Vero

If you chose to send your emails via an external delivery provider (Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mailjet, Mandrill), you will want to ensure that the email data that is collected is successfully transferred to and updated in Vero.

Mailgun, Mailjet, and Mandrill

If you are not receiving email data into Vero you'll want to visit Settings --> Webhooks located in your Mailgun/Mailjet/Mandrill dashboard, and ensure the webhook URL you have setup is '' (or '/mailjet', '/mandrill'.


If your open and click tracking is not enabled in Sendgrid we're not able to collect the results.

In order to collect this data you'll want to ensure you follow the steps below:

  1. If the integration does not have permission to collect opens and clicks, the specific access Vero needs for the API integration set up is:

Mail send => Full access Mail settings -> Event notification => Full access Stats -> Category stats => Read access Stats -> Global Stats => Read access Stats -> Stats Overview => Read access

If opens and click tracking is not enabled at all you'll want to check the settings via this help doc here:

  1. Check that your webhook is set to send to Vero:


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager