What is a transactional campaign?

Transactional campaigns are sent to all customers including those who are unsubscribed. These messages should only be used to deliver important information about a customer's account or transaction such as password resets, receipts or delivery/shipping confirmation. They are not marketing campaigns and should be very carefully used for communications the customer needs in order to conduct business with you.

Read our guide to Transactional emails - including types, best practices and examples.

Newsletter emails and push notifications

Transactional Newsletters allow you to send important, one-off communications that are required to facilitate a transaction or provide a product/service, as requested by the customer. For example, an update to your terms of service, or a change to your product or service that may affect your customers' experience or their requirements being met.


Workflow emails and push notifications

Transactional Workflows are sent to customers when they trigger a specific event. Workflows are set to behavioral by default, with a tick box option for creating transactional workflows.


Priority handling of transactional emails

Transactional emails are prioritised so they are guaranteed immediately delivery. Whilst all campaigns are sent as quickly as possible, there is built in redundancy to ensure customers get mission-critical transactional emails instantly.


  • Chris Hexton
    CEO and Co-Founder