Exceeding your usage limits

For customers who signed up prior to June 2020

Customers who signed up prior to June 2020 are grandfathered on the plans they chose when they first paid.

Vero will send you an email when you cross the customer or message thresholds over a rolling 30 day window. You will automatically be upgraded to the next tier, based on your increased usage. As a result, invoices are charged in arrears. You are charged at the "high watermark" for a given month, as upgrades reflect usage that has already occurred.

Once you lower your message volume or delete customer records you can downgrade your plan using our UI.

You can view your usage and manage your plan under Account > Billing.

For customers who signed up after June 2020

We currently offer four pricing plans, each containing different features and access levels. Our pricing page shows the different features available on each tier:

As well as specific features, each plan includes a total number of user profiles, a monthly message limit and a monthly event tracking limit.

You can manually choose the plan that best suits the features and team access you need. We will not automatically move you between our four pricing plans.

If you exceed the included usage limits within a tier we will charge you overage for your extra usage, rounded to the nearest thousand users. To keep things simple, we charge overage based on the one, "customers", metric. See the Overage section below for more details.


Each of Vero’s plans defines an “overage rate” per thousand user records. Every thousand users also includes an extra 5,000 emails and 500,000 data points tracked.

When you exceed one or multiple of the limits for these items included in your plan, we will charge you the overage at the relevant rate.

For example, our "Starter" plan includes 2,000 users, 10,000 emails and 160,000 events tracked each month. Overage for the 'Starter plan' is charged at $17 per 1,000 extra customers (which also includes 5,000 extra emails and 500,000 extra data points).

If you selected the “Starter” plan, and in a given month:

  • Had 1,000 users in your account (under the limit),
  • Sent 12,000 emails (over the limit), and
  • Tracked 260,000 events (over the limit)

...we would calculate your invoice as follows:

  • You are over the message limit by 2,000, requiring an extra 1,000 users (each thousand users provides 5,000 emails you can send).
  • You are over the event limit by 100,000, requiring an extra 2,000 users (each thousand users provides 80,000 extra data points you can track).

We would therefore charge you:

  • $49/month for the Starter plan and included usage.
  • $36 extra for that month, for an additional 2,000 users.

If, in the next month, you only sent 8,000 messages and tracked 100,000 events, we would only charge you $49/month, as your usage has dropped back within the limits.

Note that when your usage reaches 80% of one of the usage limits (users, messages or data tracked) we will send you a notification email, to keep you informed.

Paying Anually

For each plan we offer an annual payment option. As annual payment allows us to plan our resources ahead of time, we pass these savings on to you: the price of each annual plan includes a 10% discount.

If you exceed the included customer, messaging and subscriber limits on your plan, we will bill you overage at the normal, non-discounted, rate.


When you choose a plan you have access to extra features such as more users, multi-langauge campaigns, A/B tests and so on.

If downgrading for usage reasons, because you are consistently using less than the included limits on your plan, be aware that some features may not be available on a lower plan.

To downgrade your plan you can email us at support@getvero.com and we will action the downgrade for you.


  • Chris Hexton
    CEO and Co-Founder