How to personalise your message using Liquid

Inserting imported audience data

In Vero, we use a prefix within the standard Liquid template fields to denote where to load the data from.

{{}} replaces the attribute with the name of any customer property that you’ve captured using the Vero API or uploaded via CSV. For example, {{user.first_name}} would print John for a user profile that has the attribute first_name with value John.

Vero-specific merge tags

There are several reserved, Vero-specific fields that enable key Vero Newsletters functions including one-click unsubscribe and "View in browser" (permalink). The following is a list of all available fields:

Liquid functions

Vero supports most default Liquid functions, as well as a number of additional functions for convenience.

Read our Liquid personalization guide for a list of available functions.


  • Chris Hexton
    CEO and Co-Founder