Working with user "endpoints"

An endpoint is a unique identifier that represents a specific device or platform used by one of your users. Examples of endpoints include email addresses, mobile phone numbers, iOS and Android mobile application push tokens, a random hash representing a browser session and many more. Endpoints tell Vero Connect exactly which device or platform to message.

Why endpoints?

In today's world users engage with businesses via multiple devices and channels. Vero Connect has been designed to support any channel. Endpoints provide a way to capture this reality elegantly: a single user will have multiple endpoints.

Data Vero stores about your endpoints

Vero Connect does not store any user-level data such as first names, last names, etc. Instead we access your CRM data wherever it is, on a per-newsletter basis. However, Vero Connect does store some information about endpoints. Vero is designed to be the source for truth for your newsletter subscriptions and engagement records of messages you send.

Whenever you send a newsletter to an audience, Vero Connect will keep a record of all of the endpoints that were messaged along with a record of all of their message interactions.

Learn more about how Newsletter subscriptions are handled.


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager