Reporting on a single campaign

Selection Criteria

You’ll be able to generate your reporting overview with different criteria:

  • Campaign: You can select the specific campaign.
  • Email in the series: If your campaign is set up as a series you can select which email you’d like to view.
  • Content Variations: Which content you would like to view.
  • Date Range: The custom date range you’d like to filter on.

Select a campaign to report on

Campaign Summary

Once selected you’ll see a summary of the campaign name, status, campaign type and custom date range.

A summary of the selected campaign report

Engagement Report

Overview: A summary of the campaigns engagement metrics.

Engagement statistics for single campaign

Graph: A visual representation of the campaigns engagement metrics.

Chart showing data for a single campaign

Historical Breakdown: A daily breakdown of the campaigns engagement metrics.

Breakdown of single campaign chart data

Content Breakdown

Each variation metrics will be displayed.

Content breakdown showing a/b vairations

Languages are also considered variations.

Languages title and count

Campaign language variation statistics

Click Report

The number of clicks on each individual link in the campaign.

Click statistics for the selected campaign

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