Setting up a custom header on your campaign

Adding a custom header to your emails can be a useful tool for helping recipient email clients differentiate between a spam email and a genuine email. They are also useful for allowing customers to unsubscribe from your emails rather than marking them as spam with their email client, in turn impacting your deliverability reputation.

Adding a custom header to your newsletter

A custom header can be set up on a per campaign basis by visiting the Advanced section at the bottom of your newsletter campaign and clicking Add header.

Using a list-unsubscribe header

Adding a list-unsubscribe email header allows customers to opt-out of receiving your emails rather than clicking on an unsubscribe footer or marking an email as spam with their email client.

This can be added as a custom header in your Vero campaign by using list-unsubscribe: <>,<{{url.unsubscribe_link}}>.

Note: In this case, the should point to a real email address.


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager