Viewing campaign metrics

Once you've sent out your newsletter campaign you likely want to view the results of the campaign. In Vero we track 5 different metrics:sent, delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed.

Campaign Summary

Sent means that Vero has sent the email to the sending provider (ie. Mailgun, Sendgrid).

Delivered means that the sending provider has successfully delivered the campaign to the customer's mailbox.

Opened means that the customer has opened up the email in their mailbox. This is tracked via a small tracking pixel that is inserted in the email.

Clicked means that the customer has clicked on one of the links you have included in your campaign.

Note: The click statistic is a percentage of the total number of customers who were delivered the email.

Unsubscribed means that the customer has clicked on the unsubscribe option that you have included in your email.

You can view all of these metrics on the main campaign page.

Full Report

For a more detailed breakdown of metrics you can click on the "Full Report" option on the campaign summary page where you will find the Engagement Daily Chart, Daily breakdown, and Link Report.

Engagement Daily Chart

Daily Breakdown

These results can also be exported into a CSV file.

Link Report

You can find more information on each customer's email interaction by Interpreting Customer Logs.


  • Rae Mack
    Customer Support Manager